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The Good and the Bad About Hydroelectric Energy

Investment is often associated with various facts about the investor. One of the main factors would be to get an opinion on the kind of pros and cons associated with the asset. A good example of a suitable asset is energy companies that deal in the production of hydroelectricity. When dealing with this particular field , you should know the following advantages and disadvantages that are associated with the production of hydroelectric energy.

The first benefit that comes with the use of hydroelectric energy is truth that this source of energy is both renewable and reliable. Being renewable means that the energy cannot be used up. On the other hand, the process of energy production can only be stopped due to extreme and rare cases such as the occurrence of serious droughts that cause a drop of water levels. Due to its unfailing availability, this source of energy is now preferred for the large scale production of electricity.

The process of producing hydroelectric energy does not have adverse effects on the environment and isn’t dangerous. In the processes that implemented to produce electricity, there will be no waste produced and hence no contaminants released into the environment. Moreover, the production of hydroelectric energy does not involve any fuels or dangerous chemical reactions. This makes it a very safe way to produce electricity in comparison with its counterparts such as nuclear energy or fossil fuels.

The level of water in magazines , inside power plants, determines the amount of energy that is produced. The amount of water that is in the magazines can be changed according to preference and hence the rate of energy production. With reference to demand, the energy production can be manipulated.

This method of energy production is not perfect since it comes with a few cons. The construction of power plants has adverse effects on the environment. First, there will be damming of rivers that leads to the death of the animals living in them such as fish. There also other issues associated with this process especially due to the making of new roads and installation of power lines.

The building of the power plants is very expensive. Despite this, the cost of maintaining the plant are small along with the fact that only a few workers are needed.

The production of energy and the prices of energy in the market are directly proportional to the amount of water that is available. This leaves it vulnerable to the nature of weather.

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